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This is the Longest Motorbike in the World

AutoRace | Modified matic motorbike in England has finally broken the record as the longest scooter in the world. Surprisingly enough, the modifier named Colin Furze is not a workshop or who wrestle the automotive world. He works as a water pump technician.

But who would have thought, this work could break the record of the longest matic motorbike in the world. Not just long, the motor of his work was even able to operate properly and able to load 25 people on it.

The Longest Motorbike in the World
Longest Scooter in The World
Unique is not it ?. To modify his favorite matic motorcycle, Colin only connect the front and his rear motorcycle only. But interestingly, all materials and devices to make the scooter it becomes a long made and designed by using aluminum material itself.

The longest matic motorbike in the world has a length of about 100 meters. At the top of this bike is also equipped with a special seat that can be occupied up to 25 people. Well, curious as to what kind oflongest matic motorcycle in the world? following the video appearance:

How, unique is not it ?. Despite having unusual body and frame, the world's longest automatic motorbike is capable of running at 56 kilometers per hour, although in the video is not visible if it is also able to carry as many as 25 people on it.
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