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Tesla Model S P100D With Bulletproof

AUTORACE, Utah - In the segment of luxury cars that are already niche, some consumers need extra extra protection that can protect them from firearms threats. A consumer who needs extra protection orders the Tesla Model S P100D with bulletproof to International Armoring Corporation. Both BMW and Mercedes cars are equipped with bulletproof coating may sound normal, and no one has used Tesla as its base. At least until now.
Tesla Model S P100D With Bulletproof

Reported by Autoblog, the selection of electric models is deemed appropriate. Because in an emergency, the car must be able to bolt fast. In standard circumstances, acceleration 0-95 km / h Tesla Model S takes 2.4 seconds.
International Armoring Corporation did not mention details of the acceleration after Tesla was given a bulletproof coating. However, the claim of bulk-coated bulk weights is only 250 kg, or about 11 percent compared to car weight in standard circumstances.
This weight savings is due to the use of synthetic fiber laminate materials compared to conventional steel coating materials, and all the standard features and exterior look of the original car are retained.
The company also did not mention the effect of adding weight to the farthest mileage for a single charge. To be sure, the bulletproof Tesla can withstand the attacks of high-powered rifles, with claim protection levels B4-, B5-, and B6-.
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