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Simple and Cheap Way Cleaning Car Seat

AutoRace | Frequently to a car salon to clean your car upholstery ?. Actually there is a simple way to clean up the car seat without having to get out costly. Moreover, coating material or wrap your car seat is made of synthetic leather.

To clean the dirt on the upholstery of the car seat made of synthetic leather is enough by using ordinary water. Once stained, immediately remove with a cloth. If necessary use soap to wash hands.

Simple and Cheap Way Cleaning Car Seat

Does not damage ?. While soap for hand washing is safe for the skin, it will be safe also for upholstery seats from synthetic leather.

To note, quality synthetic leather has a protective coating. So that dirt is very easy to clean even if only by using ordinary water. It's just, depending on how long the dirt is attached to the seat.

Moreover, if the dirt is oil and pen ink, it will be difficult to clean if it has been dry for longer than 1 hour. For that, immediately do the cleaning for oil and ink does not seep into the skin layer.

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