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Supercar Corbellati Missile Concept, An Excessive Dream?

AUTORACE, Geneva - 1.800 Tk power combined with peak torque of 2,349 Nm, the fantastic figure sounds as a perfect supercar formula. And the formula is claimed by Corbellati Missile Concept.
Supercar Corbellati Missile Concept 2018
Reported by Automobilemag, the number beat Koenigsegg Agera, even Hennessey Venom F5-powered 1,600 Tk will be forced to its knees. No half-hearted, Corbellati Missile Concept claims top speed 500 km / hour.
Where did such great confidence come from? Supercar Corbellati Missile Concept pinned 9.0 liter V8 turbo engine paired with 6-speed automatic transmission.
The steering wheel adopts rack & pinion system, body part using carbon fiber material which is done by hand. The rim adopts a 20-inch size, with 265/35 tires on the front and 345/30 on the back.
This supercar braking system uses carbon ceramic disks and on the suspension there is a feature of self-leveling double quadrilateral air suspension.
Intrigued by its original form? Supercar Corbellati Missile Concept will start its first appearance at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Bugatti and Koenigsegg Ready to Knee

The latest Hypercar Hennessey, Venom F5, was created with a single goal, being the fastest street car in the world. Peak speed is claimed to exceed 482 km / hour.
Bugatti Supercar
Reported by Carscoops, to achieve the figure, the Hennessey Special Vehicles team must create a new design, chassis, and carbon fiber body. All made to get the smallest number of obstacles.
John Hennessey, founder and CEO, said: "We hope Venom F5, which gets its name from the fastest tornado of the Fujita scale, to become the first street car to reach speeds of 482 km / h We work with Pennzoil to achieve that.

Twin twin turbo engine that produces 1,600 Tk. Power from the engine is channeled to the rear road through a 7-speed single clutch transmission.
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